The truth of Life is that all is actually One.
When I say “all” I don’t just mean that all “human beings” are part of something much bigger called “humanity” – but rather we acknowledge that everything at its very core is part of the same “stuff”.
This Oneness isn’t limited to things we think of as ‘alive’ but embraces every microbe, mite, cell, atom, molecule, particle, bacterium, electron – every structure in existence ranging from sand and stone to sunshine and rain and everything in between.
This “stuff”, whether it be in the form of matter or gas or liquid or simply energy (such as electricity, magnetism or even nuclear power) is all part of the same “stuff”.
This “stuff” also includes everything in the universe (and all the other universes) which form both matter and anti-matter (such as ‘black holes, for example).

This “stuff” is what theologians called God. Others may call it Nature or Light or Reality or Om or The Numinous or OneNess or The Divine.
There is nothing except this “stuff”.
And all this “stuff” is imbued with the same spirit of Existence: it is because it is part of Is.
I find it easier to call this Isness God – but the word we use as a tag is ultimately immaterial.

The only difference between one piece of this ‘stuff’ and another is the complexity of its performance. In other words, its ability to function.
In this regard, and in this regard only, human beings shoulder a great responsibility – for we have been given a level of functionality that far exceeds that of anything else of which we are aware.
We can move with great dexterity, think with great dexterity, compute with great dexterity, feel with great dexterity, sense with great dexterity and act with great dexterity.

Our experiences of duality express some sense of separation from Oneness.
I say “sense of separation” because it is ultimately impossible to be separate from the Divine.
As we are now, it is only possible to be unaware of our Oneness.
So, yes, it’s okay (as we are today) to feel separated from the Divine.
This is the goood news! Enlightenment awaits us in our future!

All we have to do is awaken into awareness of our Truth. And to do that we need to be willing to evolve into greater unfoldment.
Only when (sometime in the future) we are developed enough to be able to act as God can we truly achieve any real sense of One-Ness.
Until then, we do our best by acting as best we imagine God might act.
And we do that, happy in the truth that There is no God and us: there is only God as us….

Blessings and hugs,


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