Spiritual Affirmations

Do you enjoy a regular regime of spiritual Affirmations?

Affirmations are one of the easiest ways to change one’s way of thinking. That’s because they work rather like a mantra…….we use the power of affirming to bring our spiritual desires into our existence. So the more we express those desires, the more we align our inner selves with the content of the affirmations we express.

The positive effects are compounded by the degree of certainty, sincerity and fervour with which we express our affirming statements. Believe your affirmation and you’ll probably see it unfold before you!
By listening carefully to them – and focusing on their message to us – as we express them to the world we help to stamp them more deeply into our consciousness. We morph into the words we speak.

By making the exercise respectfully repetitive, we start to re-pattern our subconscious. Our core beliefs realign with our core desires.

And by loudly vocalising them with as much passion and joy as we can muster (including through impromptu song!) we also re-tune our physical body so that it can more easily move toward the fulfillment of our affirming desires. We move toward wholeness once again!

Here are six affirmations…….choose the one that most deeply resonates with you:

I know with certainty that God is for me. I say “no” to all evil; I say “yes” to all good.

Spirit is the only cause and love is the only effect. I meet life this day with ease and increased blessings.

Within me now is the power of God. Within me now is divine love .The Mind which created me is in me and working through me.

I live in peace, work in joy and relax in beauty. All is well with my soul.

My way is now easy and my burden is light. Mind directs me, love upholds me.  All things work together for my good.

For all those blessings that appear on my pathway, I rejoice and give thanks. I accept abundance and share it all.

After making a choice, write that affirmation out on a piece of paper to keep handy. Repeat it joyously – dramatically sing and act it out, if that helps – everyday, twice a day, four minutes each time, for 10 days. That’s a total of just 8 minutes a day! Anyone can find that much time!!

Let greater delight in life be your reward!

Many blessings and hugs,

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