Groundhog Day is celebrated on 2nd February in the USA. It’s supposedly the day that groundhogs come out of hibernation and peek out to see if it’s Spring yet.
If it’s not, they return to their burrow for another six weeks or so of slumber…..

In the 1993 movie Bill Murray relives the same day over and over until he learns how to live properly……

But it’s not just a quaint American custom or funny movie.
It’s reality.
For most of us, Groundhog Day DOES happen every day!
We get woken up at the same time by an alarm.
We get up at the same time and go to the toilet.
We shower the same as usual.
We listen to the radio as per usual.
We have breakfast with the same people.
We brew coffee as per usual.
We get dressed as per usual and wear the same clothes as usual.
We take the same transport option at the same time to the same job.
We do pretty much the same work.
We stop for the same morning tea and lunch breaks.
At the end of the same work day period we make our same way home to the same house with the same people inside it…….
We have dinner as usual; and talk about the same things as usual.
We look up the same news sites on the internet.
We follow the same people on Twitter and Facebook.
We watch the same TV programs; and finally fall asleep in the same bed next to the same person (if we have one)…..
Next morning we get woken up again at the same time by the same alarm……..

Some of us have probably been doing the same thing the same way with the same people for more than 20 years! That’s the equivalent of around 7,000 consecutive Groundhog days!
What’s your record? How many days has it been ‘Groundhog Day’ for you?

Of course, the answer isn’t to do things differently for the sake of doing things differently but to do things differently by doing them consciously!
When we do things consciously both our actions and our outcomes are changed by the spiritual intent of our activity.
It might seem like just another Groundhog day – but the day we wake up is the day we come out of hibernation and start living our life intentionally.
And that day, for all of us, surely can’t come quickly enough!
Blessings and hugs,



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