The ultimate purpose of  life at our current level is to live it fully, without regrets.
Now don’t immediately despair – none of us had made it that far yet……but I believe that’s where you and I are heading.
And if we want to get anywhere it’s always a good idea to know where we’re heading!
And also how we’re going!

This doesn’t mean we should plan to minimalise it (as one would a task too big to handle) so we can pretend to have achieved it…….nor to try to master it (as one would a ship plying the ocean) as if it were a destination we had to reach in this lifetime…..
It simply means to make the most of each and every opportunity that present themselves – as they present themselves – and to do so in such a way that we have few regrets.
Eventually, with practice, during one of our lives, those few regrets will flow into ‘no regrets’ and we’ll have achieved the purpose of life at this level.

To have few regrets demands of us a moral, deeply spiritual compass whose bearings are far more profound than any set of rigid commandments because they must pass the test of integrity both within our individuality and within the wider ambit of all and everything that makes up the external fabric of our lives.
This requires a commitment to active, constant, mindfulness.
In this Mindfulness, our true consciousness can be our Guide.

Life is the canvas upon which we create.
And like all creations, our own creations arise from within.
They also express themselves in ways that inherently remain ‘within’ whilst also being externally expressed into the wider milieu of existence.
In other words, we are creating every moment of every day and every moment of our creating both affects us inside and our environment outside.

For each of us at this level of being this is the meaning of life.
We are an externalised expression of Life’s divine internal yearning for creation.
Ultimately, death becomes the fulfilment of our canvas.
Our final brushstroke is drawn and we lay down our canvas.
In doing so we know we will soon pick up another canvas…… after all we never were the canvas, but rather the artist.

Blessings and hugs,


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